51/50s debut album Dangerous State Of Mind out now

June 29th, 2009 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

The riotous London-based rock ‘n’ roll act 51/50s redefines the sound of modern rock ‘n’ roll on their debut album ‘Dangerous State Of Mind’ (New Vibe Records), which is now available worldwide on iTunes and other online music stores.

Following the footsteps of The Hellacopters and draining inspiration from The Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses, 51/50s have managed to create a unique blend of 60’s style rock ‘n’ roll and modern day rock. “This is stadium-sized stuff: all tumbling riffs and monster choruses” (Rockmidgets.com).

The singer and songwriter Rikki Lee, who wrote many of the songs while living on the streets of London, describes the album as bittersweet. “The album sounds upbeat, but the lyrics are actually very downbeat. The album was written in a dangerous state of mind and that’s where the album name comes from.”

To make it on their own in these times of continuous change in the music industry 51/50s have set up their own record label New Vibe Records and partnered with an online music marketing company Not Evil Music. Not settling for any traditional ways to finance their album the band chose to use Slicethepie financing platform. In 2007 they collected £15,000 in a very short time from fans and investors who believed in the band’s success.

To preview all the tracks on the album, please visit: http://www.purevolume.com/5150smusic.


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51/50s rocking out in Finland

June 5th, 2009 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

51/50s will be spreading their party vibe during their 3 gigs in Finland between 9th and 11th of June. The guys are pretty excited about the little tour since it is their first time here, and they’ve already attracted some Finnish fans on MySpace, Facebook and IRC-Galleria. You might want to check them out too, if you haven’t already.

09.06.2009 HELSINKI, On the Rocks (+ Dogsafe)
10.06.2009 KUOPIO, Henry’s Pub (+ Dogsafe)
11.06.2009 TAMPERE, Vastavirta-Klubi (+ Dogsafe)

Click here for more info about the gigs. The gig that was supposed to be in Tulisuudelma, Vantaa 12th of June is cancelled unfortunately.

“51/50s are a band who will get a tent full of people who have never heard of them jumping up and down” – Alternative Nation

“Destined to get a party started” – Linda Serck, BBC Berkshire

More sex, chaos and rock ‘n’ roll

March 22nd, 2009 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Sex, chaos, rock ‘n’ roll, happy thoughts, innovation, inspiration, something completely different. Just a few words to describe what is happening at Not Evil Music at the moment. There has not been much going on on this website, mainly because I have been really tied up with 51/50s (the band we manage) and their forthcoming debut album release, finishing up school, and just to add some extra pressure to my already extremely pressurized life I decided to do some work in another Finnish music company called Backstage Alliance.

Gladly some of that pressure is going away soon, and I can finally concentrate fully on Not Evil Music stuff and helping out indie artists in the wondrous world of online music marketing, social networks, branding, web design etc. As the pressure level drops I will now also restart the music marketing blog, which was very popular in the beginning, and which I had to put on hold due to lack of time. This time I’m planning to get also some very smart people to contribute to the blog, so you have more ideas and thoughts to chew on.

As you can see, this website has gone through a colossal make-over, and we have now a completely new style in every sense. I felt that it was time to add more sex, chaos and rock ‘n’ roll to the mix and take away the formality and the clean-cut style. We have even embraced Facebook commenting system, so you can comment all the blog posts with your Facebook account, and yes we want to hear your comments! I’m not sure if that is sexy, but I do know that Not Evil Music is now sexier than ever, and it just feels right.

Another big change is our services. Instead of offering Maximized Online Presence as our main service, we will now be concentrating more on web design, branding and image consultation. We are still an online music marketing company, but we will only offer that part of our services to the companies/artists we believe in. It is very difficult to promote something, which we don’t believe in. Not Evil Music is a boutique web design & online music marketing company, with a lot of punch.

See you around, and remember to check back for the relaunch of the online music marketing blog!

This is what we do

October 13th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

It has been a really long while since the last update here, but that is only because we have been very busy at work. We have been working with a British rock band 51/50s for over half a year, and now after all the planning and ground work we are proud to present their Maximized Online Presence. This is the first complete online presence we have ever created and you are very welcome to check out how it looks like. Go to http://5150smusic.com (the artists official website) and follow the links to their social network profiles and their street team from there on.

The band has been more than happy with our services and as a result we are going to continue working together for some time still, hopefully a long time. One thing we have learned in the process is that the work amount for maximizing an artist’s online presence is huge, especially if the artist doesn’t have anything else than a MySpace profile to start with, such was the case with 51/50s.

Now, we know that unsigned and independent bands do not usually have enough money to finance their online presence optimization to the fullest, and that’s why we are now willing to work for the artist in exchange of a share of the artist’s revenues. How much and for how long time depends completely on the artist. We have to first estimate how successful the artist will be in the future.

That’s all for now, keep checking out here for more updates about how effective the Maximized Online Presence proves to be. We are keeping statistics and analyzing the difference between the band’s old online presence and the new online presence.


First six months

May 7th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Not Evil became a registered company in Finland on November 7th, 2007 and our first half an year has gone by. Personally I’m very happy with the way we have evolved from a music marketing blog into a real music marketing company. We’ve been observing a lot of other music marketing companies and slowly improving our service better and better. Although we will concentrate more on our online music marketing services in the future we are not shutting down our online music marketing blog. I know it has been over 2 months since the last update, but our time is limited and our supply of article ideas is not endless. We’ve had so much good feedback about the blog that we will definitely keep it up and update it whenever we can.

Using exclusivity to market your music

March 3rd, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Photo taken by Tia BraggOffering exclusive content to a certain group of customers is an old and often used idea, and it can be a very effective way of doing business if you use it right. A recent successful example of this in the music industry is U2’s song Wave of Sorrow, which was exclusively released through online social music network iLike and accompanied with Bono’s interview. The result was a massive amount of new iLike users, who are now following U2’s latest news and events via iLike Music Feed, and a lot of free publicity for U2. In this article I try to explore how independent artists can use exclusivity to market their music and to keep their fan base more active.

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Facebook music marketing tactics

February 15th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Facebook screenshotMarketing your music on Facebook can be very troublesome. The main reason for this is probably Facebook’s nature as a social network, which is somewhat different compared to other social networks. Facebook users add mostly friends on their profile, who they already know. MySpace’s slogan “a place for friends” sounds more true with Facebook. However, you still can market your music on Facebook and you can get pretty good results, but you have to utilize slightly different techniques than on MySpace.

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Musicians, Copyright and Creative Commons

January 20th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Photo taken by Nice Paul at Flickr Internet has changed the way we consume music and thus led to a situation where traditional copyright is violated quite often in the form of illegal file sharing and downloading. Creative Commons licenses offer an interesting alternative for the traditional copyright by providing more freedom to content creators and users. Before we go into any deeper analysis about the subject let’s first take a closer look at UK copyright law.

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Blog your music

January 20th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Photo taken by antigone78 at FlickrI write music and record it in my home studio. However, this process takes quite a while usually and I finish only one song at a time. I have realized that making enough songs for an album will take ages, but I still want to get my songs out there. Most obvious option would of course be making an EP of three or two songs, put up a MySpace site and upload the songs there. However, that’s exactly what every other band does already. I have tried really hard to think of another approach and here is something that came into my mind.

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Sell and promote your music with widgets

January 20th, 2008 by Niklas Rämö // Got anything to say?

Photo taken by infraredhorsebite at FlickrI’ve been thinking a lot about music player widgets and how to best utilize them to market your music. There are a lot of widgets that allow you only to share songs, but why settle for that when there is so much more you can do with them. Music player widgets are evolving and they can serve many purposes from being an mp3-player to promoting concerts, selling music and playing music videos – all in one sleek package that can be placed on websites, social networking websites and blogs.

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